The Future of Business is Women

Women and men approach the business world very differently, and Dr. Sasha Galbraith has made it her mission to help women in corporate America thrive in what has heretofore been a man’s world.

Current Workplace Situation

Women are proven assets in today’s complex and highly competitive business environment – having what it takes to execute multiple initiatives quickly and flexibly to help secure competitive edge. So why aren’t more of them occupying the corner office?

  • Sasha Galbraith

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How Your Company Can Profit

Many companies genuinely would like to increase the number of talented women in their ranks, but do not know how. Dr. Sasha Galbraith’s extensive research on and consulting with women-designed organizations can help.

Female-v. Male-Designed Organizations

According to Dr. Sasha Galbraith’s research, male- and female-designed organizations react differently to various facets of business.