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Sasha writes about women in management on the Leadership channel. She interviews female executives, company founders and leaders from various industries including Marie Moody (founder/president of Stella & Chewy’s), Kirsten Menes (former Royal Philips Electronics manager), Jennifer Schoenhofer (founder of Axis Teknologies) and others. Read Sasha’s recent columns here.

Huffington Post – Recurring Contributor

Sasha blogs focus on executive women and their progression in corporate hierarchy, featuring insights from her recent interviews with C-Suite women in healthcare, technology, consumer goods and consulting. Read Sasha’s recent columns here.

The Glass Hammer – “Launching a New Conversation: Maternity, Motherhood, and Executive Women”

Though Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer didn’t ask to be a role model for pregnant executives, she has nonetheless become one. But beyond Mayer, what is the effect of her choices on executive women across the board and in the boardroom? Read more…

Diversity Executive – “How Effective Are Quotas?

Debate on quotas continues, but diversity executives must look at the whole picture to assess their ability to affect the number of women on boards and in senior-level positions. Read more

Diversity Executive – “Ten Tips to Get Appointed to a Board”

Dr. Sasha Galbraith reflect on ten tips to help leaders facilitate their entre into a board position. Read more

Bloomberg Businessweek – “Banks Wooing Wealthy Women CEOs Say This Time Is Different”

While banks have courted women clients in the past, Wells Fargo, Citigroup Inc., Barclays Plc and others are increasingly focused on getting the assets of high-earning women executives. Read more

Diversity Executive – “Women in Technology”

There’s a need to fix the disconnect between the growing technology industry and the lack of female talent. Dr. Sasha Galbraith offers several suggestions for closing the gap. Read more

Diversity Business – “How Today’s Companies Can Encourage More Diversity in the Workplace”

Recent reports show women are still underrepresented in business leadership positions. Read about what Dr. Sasha Galbraith believes can be done to make more – and faster – progress in the boardroom and executive suite.

CBS Moneywatch – “Men: How to Negotiate with Female Clients”

Business shouldn’t be a game of “he said, she said.” Dr. Sasha Galbraith offers key tactics men can adopt to better understand female clients’ communication and decision making tactics to help seal the deal. Read more

CBS Moneywatch – “Women: Sell More By Talking Less”

Dr. Sasha Galbraith explains how women can better understand male clients with the aim of winning major contracts. Communication is about power, but it’s all in how you use it. Read more

HR Executive – “The Problem With Women Bosses”

Some female bosses may alienate their female direct reports by trying too hard to act like men, says Dr. Sasha Galbraith. Women have fundamentally different approaches to managing than men; they should use it to their advantage. Read more

SmartBlog on Workforce – “More Women in the Workplace, But Still Not Enough Opportunities”

Dr. Galbraith explains that while women continue to take their seats in corner offices and the C-suite table, some old issues still remain. Read more

Diversity Executive – “Take A Seat”

Organizations increasingly recognize the importance of allocating resources to advance workforce diversity. But are these companies overlooking board diversity? Read more

BusinessWeek – “Women Hedge Fund Managers Outperform Men”

Cathy Arnst reflects on new study by Hedge Fund Research – and Dr. Sasha Galbraith’s insights – in this piece from the Management section. Read more

The Glass Hammer – “Mind the Gap: How to Increase Your Salary”

Dr. Sasha Galbraith explains how the finance industry, particularly at the most senior levels, is an “extreme” industry. Read more

The Glass Hammer – “Pay Czar Cuts Comp: Can Women Help Correction?”

As the financial industry prepares to bounce back from the recession, Dr. Sasha Galbraith describes how women in management can often boost return on equity and higher total return to shareholders. Read more

Diversity Executive Newsletter – “Women With No Help at Home Equals Bad News on the Job”

Reflecting on the impact of The Shriver Report, Dr. Sasha Galbraith says this data may be bad news for women. Read more