Anatomy of a Business: What It Is, What It Does, and How It Works

From the birth of international trade along the exotic Silk Road, to the economics of running a lemonade stand or a day in the life of a corporate executive, Anatomy of Business traces the evolution of modern business practices and how they are applied in enterprises of all kinds.

In her first book, released by Greenwood Press in 2007, Dr. Sasha Galbraith uses humor and the straight facts to inform, educate and empower those considering a career in business. A multitude of charts and illustrations, as well as an extensive glossary and easy-to-navigate chapters, help answer a number of questions that students ponder, but never want to ask. With quick wit and a touch of attitude, Galbraith uses the book to explain a number of popular theories, approaches to management and contemporary issues. She also presents tales from chief operating officers, executives and company presidents about what their professions entail and how their days unfold.

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Anatomy of a Business by Sasha Galbraith