Dr. Sasha Galbraith’s extensive research suggests that women have a unique approach to designing organizations and that the values embraced in those companies have led to higher morale, increased productivity and better retention rates for women. However, her work is never done.

In order to continue to learn about how men and women design their organizations and the practices that work best for them, Dr. Galbraith continues to seek out business owners and corporate executives who are willing to share their stories.

Is your organization:

  • Woman-created and –managed OR Male-created and –managed, but using non-traditional management processes?
  • In business for at least 3 years continuously?
  • Large enough to study hierarchy — more than 30 people?
  • Willing to provide candid interview access to the founder and 15-20 employees?

If your organization fits the study criteria above, and you believe that your organization has an interesting story to tell or that it would benefit from Dr. Galbraith’s feedback about how you could develop more female-friendly policies, contact her today.

Dr. Galbraith funds all of her own travel and research expenses. The only outlay to an organization being studied is the cost of the founder’s and employees’ time. In addition, every participating organization will receive an analysis of the organization design using Jay R. Galbraith’s Star Model™, which details how the organization is aligned (or not) with its strategy, along with suggestions for improvement. This is a $30,000 value if Galbraith Management Consultants, Dr. Galbraith’s sister company were retained to do the study on a consulting basis.

Organizations and individuals that agree to participate in Dr. Galbraith’s studies will retain anonymity and the information gathered will be used only to further the understanding of women-designed organizations.