Dr. Sasha Galbraith has lectured at educational seminars prepared for specific clients and targeted investor groups including British Airways, Hewlett-Packard, British Airports Authority, Westinghouse, AlliedSignal Automotive, Astra International (of Indonesia), Boehringer-Ingelheim, Kvaerner, Otis, Copley Real Estate Advisors and the investment boards of IBM, the Nevada Public Employees Retirement System and the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System.

Though she will design a lecture or presentation around any organization’s needs or requests, the following topics have been popular with past clients:

  • Women-designed Organizations: Are they different?” Galbraith will introduce the concept of traditional corporations being male-oriented and why organizations designed by men, for men, are causing women to start their own businesses with a different set of values and principles.
  • How women-friendly is your company?” Galbraith will talk about what makes a company female-friendly and how executives can better structure their organizations and ultimately benefit from what women have to offer.
  • “Male versus female bosses” This discussion explores topics such as stereotypes, who manages better, how women and men manage organizations differently and the strengths and weaknesses of each management style. Galbraith will introduce both men and women to concepts that will help them work alongside the opposite sex.
  • Just let her choose the color: Women’s REAL purchasing power” This lecture discusses how women really do control the purse strings much more so than in the past and Galbraith will cite statistics about women having the primary say over vacation destinations and choice of automobiles and housing. Galbraith will talk about why women have this control and what some companies are doing to respond to female purchasing power.

Invite Dr. Galbraith to speak to your organization or bring her in to consult with your management team.