Top 10 Indicators of a Male-Centric Business

  1. Less than 10% of board members are women
  2. Less than 30% of managers are women
  3. The vast majority of low-paid, non-career track jobs are held by women
  4. Certain assignments are perceived as “too risky” or “not appropriate” for women
  5. People are force-ranked in the performance appraisal process
  6. The organizational culture is performance-driven (to the near exclusion of all other values)
  7. Bonuses are awarded based on individual performance using subjective criteria
  8. “Face time” is extremely important along with putting in marathon hours on the job
  9. Few or no work-life flexible programs are offered; or if they are offered, high potential employees are discouraged from using them
  10. The concept of fairness is rules-driven: what applies to one person applies equally and unbendingly to all